A person (most of the time a hipster too) who is a vaping connoisseur and does not leave the house without his/her vape. This is person is too hipster to smoke cigarettes, and thus only vapes. In addition, vape gods tend to spend all of their money on expensive vape mods and atomizers to produce huge vape clouds in public, in a hopeless attempt to make themselves more attractive.
Justin: Hey guys, I just bought another vape! This one was really cheap, only $300.
Kevin: Holy fuck, you are shit a faggot vape god.

Justin: Trust me, vaping pulls bitches.
by tiddleywinkz2 December 26, 2013
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A person who is constantly vaping. They start vaping from sun up and don't stop until sundown. They vape everywhere they go, from school to work, from home to parties. Vape gods are most commonly known to vape in their cars as well, especially in crowded parking lots in broad daylight.
Jerry: Hey, you know Tony P. right?
Nick: Yes dude! Tony P. is vape god!
Jerry: He totally is! In fact, I just saw him go to his truck to hotbox it up.
Nick: Aha, sick!
by mehico98 February 24, 2016
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A vape god is a kid who loves to vape A LOT. Sometimes they shout out "vape squad" in the middle of class because they are a loser. Also they vape to clam their troubles.
Person 1- Did you hear about that kid named hank?
Person 2- Yah, apparently ever since Paige lied about her parents beating her and faked phone calls all the time at 3am while she knew he was hurting and totally ruined his whole life, well hank has become a vape God
Person 1- TOTALY
by guerinyolo February 4, 2016
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Damn! Did you see Jerry juuling those vape rings? Some may say he's a Vape god, others say he's a litteral Pico.
by FedoraDadDora December 1, 2018
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asthma clout chasers. they always smell like a blueberry sharted. will make you get up from the couch to check if you are sitting on their device. 0 rizz.
Look at Chad, he's a vape god, he has no life
by doosdo April 10, 2023
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