The Master Race, People blessed with the name Dunc are leagues above everyone else and will rise up to rule the world, with bitches at their side (chained up i might add)
Wow the Dunc is coming!
by Anonymous August 11, 2003
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An alternative name for the movie Dune (2020) to distinguish it from its 1984 counterpart, which sparked from its logo design.
Guy A: Dude have you watched Dunc?
Guy B: You mean that Dune remake flick?
Guy A: How dare you. Dunc is no mere flick, it's pure undiluted kino.
by Anon&mouse November 6, 2020
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The most amazing person in the world and the best thing that's ever happened to me!!
God, I love Dunc
If the world had more Dunc's, it would be a place of perfection and heaven on, sorry, calling him Dunc in that sentence just sounds's DUNCAN!!! :D
by Princess Emm March 31, 2004
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You'll wear it out if you don't stop being a dunc.
by Anonymous August 29, 2003
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Made a stupid mistake/fucked up/made a fool of.

Me: I just bought a £20 lottery scratch card and didn't win anything. I just dunced myself!
by Jogford June 9, 2017
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One who is very stupid - a fuckwit.

Dunce originates from when children who refused to learn or just bloody stupid and sent to the corner and wore a giant cone with a red D for dunce on it.
Timmy you fucking dunce to the corner!
by LazyBoy November 12, 2004
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An expression to someone that you think they are utterly stupid & probably wouldn't compare to a retarded lizard.
Brian you are such a dunce, GO SIT IN THE CORNER!
by TexySurtle November 4, 2011
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