defines an area so poor and rough and full of drug dealers, the shopping centres are full of shit supermarkets and bargain basement stores, like Netto, Pound Stretcher and Aldi, cos that's all people in Netto Ghettos can afford cos they spend all their money on Crack
You want me to come with you to Mansfield?? fuck off!! it's a right NETTO GHETTO!!
by AL April 26, 2004
Ghetto Netto is the new Netto supermarket in dover
which provides food & sustinance for the town and neighbouring countries haha

it is also the turf of St Edmunds & was recently defended in a brutal gang war against Astor n Boys Grammer or summit.

did tupac teach us nothin?!

further more u can buy pretty much half the shop for a quid :P

blates one of dovers top tourist atractions
"Bruv did u hear about ghetto netto?"
-"Nahh blud?"
"There was sum hench fight outside it yeh! Oh & i bought 4 redbulls for a £1!"
-"Serious!... 4 for a £1 BRRRRAP rep ur ends innit. u get me!"

Yes this is how we talk in dover :P
by pretty ricky ross August 5, 2007