a bum being someone who is jobless; a dumb bum being one who is dumber than your average bum...
Steve is a dumb bum.
I was a dumb bum.
Kate will never be a dumb bum.
We are all dumb bumming around tonight.
Dumb bum's rock, innit bruv!
by Ed D June 10, 2006
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A bum that thinks I'm going to give him money.
Jessica walked right by the dumb bum.
by TheSquiZz August 16, 2010
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To be as stupid as an ass, clueless, or to be an ugly mong and another word for Dumb ass.
Nathan "shut up"
Chastaaza" Dumb bum go suck ya mum"
Nathan "😭😪"
by Zheizhei August 24, 2018
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when someone is being dumb, a bum, and a chicken.
girl 1: “why is she doing that? “
girl 2: “idk she is being a dumb bum chicken
by 19328382838 July 8, 2020
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