To be tricked or deceived
Dude, you got so duked by your girlfriend.

The magician duked the audience so hard.
by UnCreative March 14, 2018
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To violently, and thoroughly put your fingers up a partners anus during sexual activity.
He just duked her!
by Shvffle June 14, 2011
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To take a hot dump in someone's mouth just for kicks
Dude I totally duked on my grandpa last night while he was sleeping.
by professorduke November 26, 2013
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John Wayne. The ultimate gunslinging star of the Western, and one of the greatest men ever to live.

He played the same character in every movie he was ever in. Calm, rugged--a real man with a gun and a heart. He never changed, and that's why we love him. You always knew where you stood with John Wayne.
by Lady Chevalier April 9, 2004
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John Wayne, the man who could kick everyones ass.
The Duke would whoop any of these fake-gangstas asses, 50 Cent aint got nothing on The Duke,
by Anonymous, King April 1, 2004
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So, here we Duke an amazing brother and very very n to be around. Though he under estimates his looks. He is just a Cinderella story. Duke u are on of the most funniest guys I have ever met. Even though I get on your nerves u never seem to get mad. Thanks for being my punching bag. And thanks for being there though the good and bad. Ur amazing. And though I still don't bealive u have abs I do bealive u will when ur older. Duke U will be a whole damn snacc by the time I see u next. So don't worry about middle school snacc's that seem to get ever single girl u like. Because just like food. They will expire.
Love u Duke A.

Don't worry you'll be the next snacc every girl will want😏
by S.A.V.A.G.E January 11, 2020
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Ask your dukes (parents) if I can come over tonight
by Plrmwszzz December 28, 2016
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