Mean overly sarcastic comment that deeply hurts people and scars them for life. It may lead them to develop self esteem issues for the rest of their lives and suicidal tendencies.
Dee slapped Mr. F. Patel with a scarcastic comment about his pizza face, and he cried himself to sleep the rest of his life.
by Vishal January 30, 2008
Used to describe a person who overuses sarcasm in a hurtful, offensive, or agitating manner.

Noun variation: Scarcasm
Alex Trebek thinks his quick responses to incorrect answers are witty and necessary fillers, but in reality, he comes across as a scarcastic prick.
by MPGenius August 9, 2013
Scarcastic, the verb of scarcasm. See scarcasm.
Alex: Oh, I LOVE being scarcastic.

Kaylin: I hate you.
by SilverHaku August 29, 2008