A method of fingering where a guy uses his ring and middle fingers instead of his pointer and middle fingers.
Bro did you hear how I gave Livie the coffman last night?
by keaz February 24, 2020
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A man that is just that...a MAN! Sensitive yet strong, perfect in every sense of the word.
Yeah...he's TOTAL Coffman!
by VilleGirl89 April 14, 2011
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If you eat a sandwich at Coffman, might as well call it quits and head over to the hospital. At Coffman ur dreams will come true with a couple of fist fights per month during lunch. We’re a half ghetto half average high school. Lookin to Juul? Shouldn’t be a problem just step inside the bathrooms. Did someone say “Spaz” dance party? Yeah we have that too, during lunches. Coffman is overall pretty good at all their sports, except for hockey. Wanna see couples holding hands in the hallways, don’t worry we got you covered!! Chickens running around in the school, yep check that box. We hate Upper Arlington with a burning passion. Jerome...eh sometimes hate them. CROSSTOWN RIVALRY! Failing ur classes? We will still pass you! Overall Coffman is ghetto and nice at the same time, it’s the oldest school in Dublin. We r all pretty chill if u know what I mean.
- Shit you go to Coffman? How many fights you been in?

- Yeah I go to Coffman. Ohhh so ur ghetto, gotcha!

DUBLIN COFFMAN- man up or get beat up
by Dublin Coffman June 20, 2019
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A) A Columbus suburb off of I-270 that's racist as Hell, and still gets pwned by black/white schools like Reynoldsburg
B) A school where the girls give you head in the cafeteria and parking lot, so much so that they had to have an assembly on why giving BJ's in the parking lot is bad... in otherwords, it's a rich little whore-house of a town
A) Damn, that school is so Coffman, they still talk head after getting worked over

B) You wanna get your meat wet? Go over to Coffman, they'll set you straight
by Pwnage April 22, 2005
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A piece of shit annoying fucker who wont stop annoying me about the old sanic meme and vine usally a guy with a small shrivlled penis with red pubic hair
I really fucking hate ryan coffman
by Trevor Hoff February 6, 2018
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The worst high school for giving out homework like holy shit we live on a god damn rock we dont needa do this much
by Jumumumumu April 29, 2021
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