another way of saying "white trash" so the white trash do not understand. it is derived from the first letter of "white" and the first letter of "trash". White=W=Dub T=Trash
Look at those rebel flag waving racists over there drinking in front of their trailers screaming out the "N" word. Toootal Dub Ts.
by Rachel B September 17, 2007
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dub-t adj: Derived from W.T. an abbreviation for WHITE TRASH. noun: A popular brand of clothing originated in Southern California.
That dude eating his boogars is total "dub-t".

I bought this pimp "dub-t" shirt at dub-t.com.
by OGdub-t March 17, 2004
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Adjective used to describe someone or something with "whitetrash" like qualinties that isn't truely whitetrash. Is a reference to the one, and only, Dub-T!
1. "Check out that Firebird- that's so Dub-T!"
2. "Dub-T just drank that liter of Stoli!"
by Dub-T September 20, 2003
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Slang for the little town of Waitara. Found on the 39th parallel in Taranaki, New Zealand. Derived from double-U and tee given that Waitara starts with a double-U and the second half of the word starts with tee. Hence Dub-T.
We are off to Dub-T.

See you in Dub-T.

I was in Dub-T the other day.
by Taradise May 22, 2006
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See White Trash Derived from W.T., an abbreviation for White Trash.
"Wow, Nicole is really dubT!"
by Joel Erickson March 24, 2003
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White trash.. trailer trash or any other white person will low income and always high. cussing all the time
"dude did you see that dub t the was fucked up"
by drew simon April 03, 2007
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