When you're really sad and/or heartbroken to the point where you would start crying, but you don't shed any tears.
Ella started dry sobbing into her friend's shoulder.

Karina hugged her friend Joanna as she dry sobbed into her arms.
by ThatFluffyUnicorn December 02, 2015
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A person who has previously had no connections through social media that suddenly made accounts to specifically stalk someone they like.
Dude, Bimal is such a Dry Stalker, he only made an account to stalk Bryanna
by LickyBB December 03, 2016
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When the Vaginal region is excited and goes from the baron desert wastelands to the full roaring river of the Amazon in seconds.
When I get her back in the room and play a little Ginuwine she goes dry to drenched!
by Hurtin For A Pirtin May 11, 2015
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Showing up to an event late. Not completing a task on time or finishing after it is too late.
Its already 10AM, you're cutting it dry today aren't you?
by Jesse S February 19, 2008
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Intentionally getting someone in trouble by outting something they've done wrong while trying to keep it sly.
*You return to work from lunch with the boss right there*
Coworker to you: "I didn't know we had two hour lunches!"
You later: 😑

Dry snitching.
by mashetee88 August 18, 2015
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A bowel movement so long that one end protrudes out of the toilet water.
After three days of being backed up, I dropped a massive dry ender.
by bob nice April 21, 2006
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The consensual act of being fucked in the ass without the use of lube.
Good Lord, Janis! You forgot the lube. I know you like it rough, but are sure you’re ready for dry needling?
by Ihateemail December 09, 2019
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