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When one sits down to have a bowel movement but only farts are emitted causing confusion in the sitting person as to why nothing solid has evacuated the body.
I had to poop sooooo bad but when I sat down, nothing. I just dry fired.
by ryatellsastory September 16, 2015
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When one's sack hasn't been used in ages, he ejaculates dry air or dust, from his penis, usually causing a loud squeak or farting sound.
After watching his mom dance to the song "its raining men" by the Weather Girls, Evan dry fired all over the back of Rj's head, while Matt and Nick shared a silent laugh in the backround.
by dirty mikey September 19, 2010
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1. To discharge a firearm without its ammunition.
2. dry cum
When you dry fire it's never as satisfying as working with fully-operational equipment.
by ClimbingTheLog December 08, 2009
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