To indirectly snitch someone out, without actually informing on someone.
Russell flies Tom's Toy Helicopter on to the roof, Tom doesn't know yet. Dave is about to dry snitch.

Dave: Hey Tom, what's this remote control for?
Tom: That's for my new helicopter. Hey, where is it anyways?
Dave: Ohhh... I don't know, I saw Russell flying a helicopter earlier..
by ThatsNotNorml December 24, 2014
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Telling on someone when it is totally unwarranted or necessary.
Dry Snitch: Hey Bob, Joe didn't take out the garbage at the end of shift last night.

Bob: I told him he didn't need to, so mind your business, you damn Dry Snitch.
by Duke Honeynuts February 11, 2008
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When your name is on paperwork as a victim (whether you filed or not) and you knowingly let it go through the court system
He saw his name listed as the victim and decided to WING it and let it get filed anyways and was a dry snitch
by Gangstersout November 13, 2019
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Ratting on people behind their back
Bob was a dry snitch by telling on the crossing guards while smiling to their faces and collecting their slips.
by Ynextmc June 14, 2019
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Intentionally getting someone in trouble by outting something they've done wrong while trying to keep it sly.
*You return to work from lunch with the boss right there*
Coworker to you: "I didn't know we had two hour lunches!"
You later: 😑

Dry snitching.
by mashetee88 August 19, 2015
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Dry snitching is a calculated but yet passive aggressive way to dime out your homeboy. In most cases to save your own ass without being the obvious rat bastard you are and save yourself from a fishing trip in your new concrete Nike’s.
You and your homeboy get pulled over

Cop: I smell marijuana step out of the car
Cop: who’s weed is this?
Homeboy: like a MF’n G says nuth’n
You: look at your homeboy and say “don’t worry fam I’ll put money on yo books”
Homeboy: (shaking head) you dry snitching Mufuka.
by PHIZZZLEterm September 25, 2019
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indirectly telling on someone
Standing within earshot of someone, saying loudly what you want that person to "overhear":

Within earshot of the boss, you say loudly, "Yuo know Ike is just blowing off the day. He came in late and has been sitting on his ass!"
by Jane Doe May 6, 2005
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