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A drum set is a configuration of different sized drums, generally consisting of a snare drum, bass drum, and three toms.

There are two different set styles, the most common being the rock configuration. These have 12, 14, and 16 inch toms, usually a 22" bass drum, 14" snare, and 14" hi-hats. The other set-up is the fusion configuration. The toms are 10, 12, and 14 inches, the bass drum is usually 18", and hi-hats are generally 13 inches.

The rock configuration uses the bigger and deeper toms for a more full effect, a taller bass drum for a more "punchier" feel, and 14" hi-hats for a controlled splash. Some rock sets even have larger toms, so that there are 2 floor toms.

Fusion sets, most commonly used for jazz, on the other hand, have smaller toms to create less of a punch, but the toms are only 2 inches apart from each other, so they are more uniform. The Smaller bass drum and hi-hats are used for a controlled, responsive feel.

While drumming may just look like random smashing that takes no talent whatsoever, this is completely untrue. Drumming is in fact a talent, as it takes great co-ordination to have all four of your limbs doing different actions at once. Drummers also have to have great timing, since they are the driving force in a band's backbone.
A drum set is a necessity to any band
by Alex C May September 20, 2005
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Most def the coolest thing you will ever lay eyes on. Anyone who plays one is immediatly considered cool and bang-able. And yes, drummer do enjoy smashing their drumsticks into things.
"Yea man, that drummer was so cool, Pamela Anderson gave him a bj. His name was Tommy Lee and his drum set banged."
by catspajamas [ecb] June 16, 2008
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Something that instantly makes you cool. An object that could turn a complete loser into a governor. When used in rock it turns you into a zombie, yet in jazz it turns you into jackie chan somehow. Playing this well will score you points with the ladies.
Guy w/ drumset named Big Dan: I play jazz drums.

Everyone else: you are now the "1337 machine" mon. We love you.
by Tom Bombadil April 01, 2004
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the funnest instrument to play! along with guitar and viola, of course.
Look at my awesome drum set! It's b-e-a-utiful!
by Crescent Moon June 21, 2004
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