A drum set is a configuration of different sized drums, generally consisting of a snare drum, bass drum, and three toms.

There are two different set styles, the most common being the rock configuration. These have 12, 14, and 16 inch toms, usually a 22" bass drum, 14" snare, and 14" hi-hats. The other set-up is the fusion configuration. The toms are 10, 12, and 14 inches, the bass drum is usually 18", and hi-hats are generally 13 inches.

The rock configuration uses the bigger and deeper toms for a more full effect, a taller bass drum for a more "punchier" feel, and 14" hi-hats for a controlled splash. Some rock sets even have larger toms, so that there are 2 floor toms.

Fusion sets, most commonly used for jazz, on the other hand, have smaller toms to create less of a punch, but the toms are only 2 inches apart from each other, so they are more uniform. The Smaller bass drum and hi-hats are used for a controlled, responsive feel.

While drumming may just look like random smashing that takes no talent whatsoever, this is completely untrue. Drumming is in fact a talent, as it takes great co-ordination to have all four of your limbs doing different actions at once. Drummers also have to have great timing, since they are the driving force in a band's backbone.
A drum set is a necessity to any band
by Alex C May September 20, 2005
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“I know you touched my drum set, and I want to hear that dirty little mouth admit it”.
by olive99 October 7, 2019
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Most def the coolest thing you will ever lay eyes on. Anyone who plays one is immediatly considered cool and bang-able. And yes, drummer do enjoy smashing their drumsticks into things.
"Yea man, that drummer was so cool, Pamela Anderson gave him a bj. His name was Tommy Lee and his drum set banged."
by catspajamas [ecb] June 17, 2008
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the funnest instrument to play! along with guitar and viola, of course.
Look at my awesome drum set! It's b-e-a-utiful!
by Crescent Moon June 21, 2004
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A sexual act involving a man penetrating a woman in the anus and immediately before male ejaculation the man inserts his penis into the female's ear and 'blows his load' into her orifice. He then proceeds to 'stir fry' the 'spunk' into her 'drum set' with his member.
See that chick over there? I would totally give her a drum set stir fry.
by Drum Master 9000 October 20, 2015
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Something used to play the Pornhub intro
Time to play the Pornhub intro on my Drum set
by qwerty69420 March 2, 2021
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Over time the little chips of drumstick fall on the ground around your drums can leave you with a snowglobe drum set.
You should get those aluminum drumsticks. I mean just check out your floor. You have a snowglobe drum set.
by iloveitwhenyoucallmebigwhopper September 26, 2009
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