I'm going to drop gear after I eat this huge ass burrito.
by bmwese December 14, 2010
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This phrase is used in some Christian sub cultures. It means to share something rich with the "power of God." Any powerful music, dance, sermon, testimony, etc. becomes "gear." To "drop gear" means to share an intense revelation from heaven.
Hey Pastor Chris, drop gear with your sermon today!
by Drin November 25, 2010
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the act of going to a lower gear while driving a manual car and flogging the shit out of it to get away from somebody or something
person 1: almost got pulled up today
person 2: what'd you do?
person 1: i decided to drop a gear and disappear, pigs didnt have a chance
by QFRSSaddle May 27, 2022
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The art of lowering one’s car into 2nd or 3rd gear and flooring it to show another car who is boss.
“This Fiesta ST thinks he’s hot shit doesn’t he.”

“You’re in a BMW bro, just drop a gear and disappear!”
by 3Serie March 20, 2023
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The act of dropping gears in a car to facilitate faster acceleration.
by WaBeep May 16, 2022
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