6 definitions by WaBeep

When you have big muscular arms.
Check out the barms on Dblake.
by WaBeep May 12, 2022
The act of dropping gears in a car to facilitate faster acceleration.
by WaBeep May 16, 2022
When your friend pulls a German bird and fucks her over a sink.
We need more elevation for riding, waaGerup!
by WaBeep May 12, 2022
Someone residing in malahide that has exquisite gainz.
Going to the gym to get malawide
by WaBeep May 5, 2022
When you’re drank so much alcohol that you've become a liability to all of your friends.
Look at kev over there lads he’s bombed out of it. Can’t even stand.
by WaBeep May 16, 2022