Gold coloured super-powered beverage like lager or ale that grants Drongos their super powers, making them last far longer than they should’ve. Super powers include missing trains, flights or making friends wait in taxis or car pools. Other experiences include losing keys, wallets, phones or girlfriends, with usually an awkward story that accompanies it.
Bloke 1: “Mate, have you seen me keys? I think I may have left them... somewhere...”
Bloke 2: “No worries, I’ll get you another Drongo Juice and you’ll be fine out on my couch.”
by Dutch Bob August 1, 2020
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Derivation of drongo
No Star refers to the staff appraisal system used by McDonalds Restaurants Limited. Staff start with a name badge with no stars on it. As they pass instore targets such as customer service, cooking speed etc then they achieve stars. When you go to McDonalds and want fast service, try to avoid the 'No Star Drongos'.
He's a 'No Star Drongo
by Kevin Osborne August 23, 2007
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A phrase commonly used by Australians. A filthy drongo is like calling someone an idiot.
Look at that bloody filthy drongo over there by the barby. He can't even bloody cook the bloody idiot.
by finlAyyLmao July 14, 2015
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The member of the band who doesn't say much at all, or when they do, it isn't worth listening to. The one who revels in hitting things but is apprehenisve of normal conversation. Yes, it's the drummer.

Bongo - the drums of the drummer
Drongo - idiot
Tim: *erughe!* loud banging noises / slaps own face a few times
Dom: Shut up you Bongo Drongo!
by Nomin June 28, 2009
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Australian slang for an idiot/retard/mong/fucked cunt
Declan jumped off a building, what a spangled drongo.
by Fushcubi February 25, 2017
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Someone without brain or capable of going through a good thinking process.
by Kupala September 20, 2018
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In modern Australian parlance, Drongo refers to anyone who is a colossal shitstain who sucks at life. Drongos are cheap, they steal, and they reek of desperation and sadness. No Drogo has ever not paid for sex.
"Hot damn! The American President Donald Trump is such a disgrace to America-- a real election-raping Drongo!"
by "Brown Snake" Jake September 20, 2019
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