makin smart ass comments drivin them to point of making the upset
Yea that fucker ted kepp drivin' me all night cause i forgot to bring the beer.
by Mr. Be$$ August 1, 2008
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Usually spoken in a quick raspy voice. The act of driving a motor vehicle wildly; Joyride; Donuts, rally turns and 180s are all included.
man1: Greg, what are we doing tonight?

Greg: mmmm Drivin Drivin Drivin!
by BeastieBen September 5, 2003
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Having sexual relations with a woman sporting ungroomed nether regions. So named for the 16th president of the United States, whose distinguishing characteristic was a large, black, unruly beard.
Kathy: Hey Adam, Brandon's all over that new Asian chick in the office. I don't even think she's cute.
Adam: Yeah, I know, but he's always preferred drivin' a Lincoln.
by rmlunchcrew November 5, 2014
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Goin Han Solo...I did it for the masturbate to porn
Guess I'm home with all the nerds tonight
drivin the falcon...
by drasticjasper December 22, 2008
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Inserting your penis very deep into a woman.
I was pile drivin' that bitch last night.
by lddc March 25, 2015
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The individual designated as transportation coordinator in a crowd of usually intoxicated persons.
Yo! Where's the Drivin' Bitch? I need a ride to get me some titties and pussy!
by YAWA July 5, 2021
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adv. (participle) to operate a manual vehicle in a gear lower than the current speed requires, usually for prolonged periods, often as a result of driver inattention and with little regard for fuel efficiency; this practice was once justified by namesake with the assertion that one can "go faster" in a lower gear. (2000ish-d.f. < jenandryanism orig. in reference to Ivan driving 100+ miles in fourth gear when fifth gear would have been the better choice, dri-vin-eye-vin.)
Ryan: We've been in fourth gear at 65mph for the last 20 minutes...

Jen: I guess we're just drivin' Ivan!

(Ivan: In fourth gear, we go faster.)

by Jen Knoxville Girl May 10, 2008
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