Rush Limbaugh's term for the sensational, scandal-seeking, and agenda-driven coverage that is typical of the national press corps in America. Limbaugh draws an analogy between the media who cover a story with a barrage of unfair cheap shots before moving on to the next flavor of the month and an inner city gang that drives by and sprays a target with gunfire and then moves on to their next target.
Rush Limbaugh predicted that the response to the alleged murders at Haditha from Democrats, the left, and the media would be a "gang rape ... to finally take us out in the war against Iraq." Limbaugh stated: "This Haditha story ... this is it, folks. This is the final big push on behalf of the Democratic Party, the American left, and the drive-by media to destroy our effort to win the war in Iraq." Limbaugh added: "Let me just put it in graphic terms. It is going to be a gang rape. There is going to be a gang rape by the Democratic Party, the American left, and the drive-by media to finally take us out in the war against Iraq. Make no bones about it."
by Moonbat_One June 10, 2006
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Media which consistantly reports news that is not accurate or is intentionally distorted.
1.I have "independent" and "private" sources that have told me directly that they had personally seen George W. Bush deliver dynamite to the Levees and blow them up during hurricane Katrina,to kill all the africans in New Orleans. This is Honky Whiteman reporting live for Drive By Media News.
by Mr.S. Blake August 19, 2008
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The American media that distorts the news into propaganda, in order to get high ratings. The drive-by media has told us: blacks were denied the right to vote in Florida during the 2000 election, that New Orleans floods after/during hurricane Katrina resulted from white people blowing up levees to destroy black neighborhoods, that 9-1-1 was a government conspiracy and an “inside “job”, that Bush “lied” about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction just so he could invade Iraq and make amends for his father’s war, that global warming is going to exterminate human beings from the earth, that the war in Iraq is only for oil, and that bigger government is the answer to improving your life. Basically, the drive-by media specializes in brainwashing and charcater assassination.
The drive by media specializes in distortions of the facts in the name of "ratings." The funny thing is that many people are nieve and believe what they are told.
by January 21, 2009
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(uncountable) (US, idiomatic) Mass Media that provides broad or misleading statements in quick succession without context or explanation. Never returning to "Original" stated story /report with unbiased factual information for follow up.
You know what a Drive-By shooting is.


RUSH: You got a bunch of renegades in a car and they drive into a crowd and they start spraying bullets around and they head on down the highway and make a total mess of things. They ruin some people. They kill some people in the case of Drive-By shootings. Then they head on down the highway and they do it again. Meanwhile, other people have to clean up the mess. The Drive-By Media is the same way. They come in with their cameras and their microphones and their news reporting, and they create an absolute mess. They scare the hell out of people. They literally cause carnage. Their actions sometimes are destructive and ruinous to individuals. They kill the reputations of people, or try to. And then they get in the convertible, they head on down the highway and they find the next group of people to do the same thing to while there are those of us who have to go in and clean up the mess.
by Iceman99turbo March 24, 2021
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1) One of many meaningless, substance-free terms created by Rush Limbaugh and parroted by his ditto heads meant to deride the press and scapegoat mistakes by conservatives.

While Rushbo himself never actually defines it (nor can any of his cult devotees), it is implied to describe shallow, sensationalist, sound-byte-heavy news coverage á la Fox News.

2) Scandalous, short attention-span, and often controversial "news" that mostly cover-up, and/or spin for political purposes.

3 ) The Rush Limbaugh Show
Ironically, while constantly blaming the U.S.'s short-comings on the "drive-by media," Rush Limbaugh is in fact the figurehead of that type of news coverage.
by AvianEddy June 4, 2009
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