When a female is at a state of arousal such that her vaginal secretions exit the vagina and begin to drip out of the vagina and onto a surface (I.E. a bed, the floor, the bath). In terms of male drippers, it is when a man has ejaculated but the seminal fluid merely seeps out of the penis and falls onto a surface.
"John you know sally?" "That dripper?" "Yea! Well she completely soaked my bed!" "Dude, I knew she was always wet"

So, I was waiting for him to cum all over my face but when he ejaculated all the sweet man juice fell on the floor, needless to say, I was disappointed. I don't like drippers.
by Colin Showlur March 02, 2010
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A derogatory term for any pre-menopausal female on par with the words, 'whore' or 'cunt.'
That liberal dripper is trying to push her gun control agenda on law-abiding Americans.
by Nero5.56 March 27, 2013
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When a girl pees in the toilet but instead of a splash, it sounds like water dripping from a faucet very slowly. Drip drip drip.
"She must be a dripper, I would never know she was peeing. Just thought there was a leak in the shower or something."
by ElleBell27 March 10, 2015
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When time, although it seems like it has stopped, has actually just slowed to an incredibly slow pace. Often makes for an incredibly painful afternoon and, an even worse morning.
Hot Secretary: Wow, its only two o'clock?!
Co-Worker: Yeah, its a dripper today.
by hood4u August 21, 2007
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A very fat and/or ugly woman. A Dripper is generally dressed innappropriately for her size and can often think that when she is under the influence of alcohol that she can become intimate with people that are completely out of her 'league'.
A Dripper wearing cheap, too small clothing is dancing and 'dropping it like it's hot' all over a really hot guy.
by Wobble Cuff 1 April 14, 2009
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