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When the value of a person's wealth get so large it makes no difference. Sometimes characterized as having as much as, or more, money than God.
Rupert Murdoch's recent sale of MySpace for over 500 million dollars only added even more money to this bagillionaire's ridiculous wealth.
by hood4u August 14, 2007

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When one person uses something and renders that "something" virtually unusable for the next person.
Whoah! Don't use that bathroom; somebody MisterTeed it. In other words; "I pity the fool" who has to use it now.

by hood4u August 20, 2007

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A secret society of only the most powerful and greatest of all individuals in existence. These individuals enjoy the benefits of their membership; awesome power, exclusivity from "normals"(everyone else not in the Illustriati), greatness, great sense of love for self, staggeringly huge ego, and many other perks. Often individuals in this group feel they are giving to society by just existing and that the world is a better place for that fact. Membership is as easy as thinking you belong but, many people are afraid to embrace their membership for fear of the intense violent jealousy from the "normals". Members can be identified by doing super good things like adopting a baby from another country, being a scientologist, chaining oneself to a tree to save it, getting a DUI when you can afford a thousand drivers for life, getting caught by dateline in a kiddie porn setup, the list just goes on.
I am not trying to out him or anything but Donald Trump's recent behavior suggests he might be a member of the Illustriati.
by hood4u July 26, 2007

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A variance on a pee fight, where two (usually male)individuals both urinate in the same toilet trying to cross streams. In this variant one individual would be in the seated position thereby making the "goal" the space between the legs where the standing individual attempts to score with his gold stream. The "home" team (seated individual) attempts to protect the goal with his "hockey stick".
I walked into a public bathroom the other day at a rest area and found Adam and Steve playing crotch hockey. Yuck.
by hood4u June 14, 2007

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When two people are text messaging or instant messaging each other with the same subject matter and the messages cross at near the same time. The person that receives the message first has to decide whether or not to finish the message or start a new one saying that that was the message they were in the middle of sending. Often abbreviated iwjitmostmty (I was just in the middle of sending that message to you) and, followed by a mutual lol.
I got your message earlier; I was actually midtext of sending you the same message, funny.
by hood4u August 28, 2007

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Control-Alt-Delete. The action of rebooting a computer in an attempt to fix a problem that you don't understand. Very common concurrent activities while rebooting include: finger crossing, wishing and hoping.
IT Guy: So, you sent an email and received an error message in return? Have you rebooted the computer?

Employee: No.

IT Guy: Let's do that.


Employee: That guy always tells me to cad that shit! Does he know anything.
by hood4u August 22, 2007

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When time, although it seems like it has stopped, has actually just slowed to an incredibly slow pace. Often makes for an incredibly painful afternoon and, an even worse morning.
Hot Secretary: Wow, its only two o'clock?!
Co-Worker: Yeah, its a dripper today.
by hood4u August 21, 2007

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