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A name for a very cute girl with a great sense of humor. Drinas are very nice to people who are nice to them and are always good at everything and do just about everything.
Guy #1: "What's your girlfriend's name?"
Guy #2: Her name is Drina
Guy #1: Holy shit man you're so lucky Drinas are awesome
by NinjaKiwi December 04, 2010
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Noun; Hated on girl. Usually they are bitches but they never back down, they know what they want. Misunderstood because they get alot of attention from men. Not as easy as you think; they are disliked because they are hot.
Guy: That girl is Drina Hot!
Jealous Girlfriend: She is a skank.
by eacarroll79 July 13, 2010
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A slutty fake bitch who does anythng to try and get attention. Drinas are pathological liars. They have a serious body odor. (:
( guy 1 ) Dude, I met a girl who was a total Drina.

( guy 2 ) Real. You better get yourself cheecked.

( guy 1 ) I should, right ?

( guy 2 ) If you don't want an STD then yeah !
by dashingyou(xxx3) June 12, 2010
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