That stain you find on your bed sheets after waking up from "that" dream.
Person 1: Bruh did someone spill milk on yo bed or somethin?
Person 2: Naw dog, dats dat dream cream.
by Dream Creamer November 20, 2016
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I awoke to a sudden influx of dream cream in my boxers.
by Lisa Chode February 4, 2010
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Dream Cream is the magical secretion that comes prior to nap time.
Brooke make me sleepy after I give her the dream cream.
by HT?V May 22, 2018
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something that cums out of Bess's mouth when she is horny.
The guy in the green shirt had me squirting dream cream all over my pants.
by Nolan .G June 12, 2008
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When somebody awakens you from a dream in which you were getting laid by a gorgeous person you have no shot at in real life.
Hey man, last night I was sleeping, I was having a dream about boning Angelina Jolie. It was really getting hot, and then my kid walked into the room to wake me up. Totally killed the dream cream.
by Dreamerman May 16, 2010
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