Progressive Metal band formed in Long Island, New York, USA in 1985. They are said to be one of the innovators of the Prog-Metal genre. The band is composed of five prodigious classicaly-trained musicians - James LaBrie (Vocals), John Petrucci (Guitars), Jordan Rudess (Keyboards), John Myung (Bass Guitar) and Mike Portnoy (Drums and Percussion). Their music was initially inspired by the band Rush and influences by bands like Queensryce and Queen can be heard too.
Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory
Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence
by Camilo October 20, 2004
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the progressive band whose technical proficiency on their instruments cannot be topped by any other rock group
Most people cannot comprehend how incredible the music of Dream Theater is compared to average popular rock crap.
by Tarheel82 September 04, 2004
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A kick ass progressive metal band from NY. They constantly get tons of shit from stupid preps (see: sluts and teenybopper) who listen to crappy pop music such as Nsync and Backstreet Boys and tons of other pop shit. Preps and jocks have no claim to call good music shit because the music they listen to is shit.
prep: hey dream theater sux nsync rulz man


Me: The music you listen to is shit.
by Blahb May 06, 2005
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A prog-metal band hailing from the New York area, have been around for almost 20 years. A band that a lot of people would not like if they heard them. Most of their songs are over 10 minutes long, over the top musicianship, long jams, nothing that could possibly reach the mainstream audience in this day and age. However, they have a large cult follwoing all over the world for those who can tolerate this kind of music, myself included. Influenced by prog acts like Yes, Rush, Pink Floyd, and King Crimson, with the crushing metal of Metallica, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, and Black Sabbath, Dream theater has forged a sound that has brought them to the top of progressive music and are the true definition of prog-metal. If you're into prog music and enjoy metal, give Dream Theater a listen and perhaps you will join the cult.
Dream Theater Fan: Yo dude, you listen to Dream Theater?

Dude: Dream what?
by Paul January 08, 2005
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Progressive metal band that has existed since 1985, famed for their instrumental prowess and compositional skill. Its three core members, guitarist John Petrucci, bassist John Myung, and drummer Mike Portnoy were students at the Berklee College of Music. They are perhaps the only prog-metal band to be signed to a major label. Nay-sayers claim that DT's music is nothing but pretentious wankery. With one or two brief exceptions, the above accusation is outright farcical.
The new Dream Theater album, due in early June, is gonna rock!
by Robert the Bruce April 14, 2005
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Dream Theater is a progressive rock band whose career has spanned for nearly three decades. The band are known for their excessively long track durations (with the track "Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence" lasting 42 minutes) as well as incredibly complex melodic compositions that often feature the duelling of guitars and keyboards during lengthy complicated solos.

Vocalist James LaBrie has one of the highest – and varied – vocal ranges for a male within the genre which ranges from a ‘chesty low’ sound all the way to a strict soprano sound – E♭2-B♭5 (-B5) to be exact – he has sustained his range over the years despite two vocal injuries.

Guitarist John Petrucci is often cited as one of the world’s top 10 and ranked 6th in Guitar World’s “best shredders” list next to the likes of Paul Gilbert.

Bassist John Myung is known as the shy Asian dude with spider-leg-like fingers – in 2010, Music Radar bestowed Myung as the greatest bassist of all time.

Keyboardist Jordan Rudess has performed and recorded with David Bowie as well as British rock legends UFO’s Vinnie Moore.

Drummer Mike Mangini has worked with Steve Vai, Extreme and even appeared on the Discovery Channel show Time Warp, displaying his drum skills for high speed cameras. He currently holds 5 world records – one including the fastest drum solo without the use of sticks (meaning bare hands). His utmost documented honour of 1200 single strokes in 60 seconds is featured in the Guinness Book of Records.
Guy 1: No way man, Travis Barker and the guys from Slipknot are the greatest musicians of all time!

Guy 2: Pfft! Hardly - let's see them play Dream Theater sets!
by KSAC November 02, 2012
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