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A term originated in philly meaning to mess up the natural order of things. to foil a plan or to cause confusion. doing something that your are not suppose to be doing
i was trying to talk her. but her friend was drawin' on me

your drew on me back there, why didnt you help me
by Doomsday Trey April 04, 2010
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Gettin' on somebody nerves, or being joe.
"Hey yo y you gotta be drawin' like that?!"

"Stop playin' Alicia, you drawin' fo' real!"
by Laquita October 19, 2003
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( v.) to call attention to one's self in an annoying way.
"check janie, she's really drawin'" or
"dag, janie, why you drawin'?"
by meh. June 18, 2004
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Actin rude and inconsiderate. You do everything for yourself and think about no one.
person 1: yo barren why you eat my donuts
Barren: I didnt knowwwww
person 1: You drawin my man
by dealw8t May 12, 2008
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