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Dragonite is a very powerful pseudo legendary Dragon/Flying type Pokémon. It's basically the Pokémon equivalent of the noob tube. It has an extremely OP ability in Multiscale, which cuts damage from the first attack it takes while at full health in half. This can be circumvented with the use of Stealth Rocks to chip a god 1/4 of its HP away when it enters the battle field, but that rarely ever matters since it's commonly used as a lead and almost always is accompanied by a Pokémon capable of getting rid of said entry hazard. Because of said ability, even most Ice type attacks (which it has a 4 times weaknesses to) won't OHKO a standard Dragonite, much less a bulky set. It's also problematic in that it has access to Dragon Dance, which raises both Attack and Speed one stage, as well as Extreme Speed, a move with high priority that almost always attacks first. Its Outrage attack is a death sentence, especially after an Attack boost. You would think the existence of Fairy type Pokémon would hinder its performance in today's metagame due to their immunity to its Dragon type moves, but such is sadly not the case because Dragonite also has Steel Wing and Iron Tail in its arsenal to one shot any pesky fae in its way. Dragonite is truly the king of all OU Dragon type Pokémon.
Guy 1: So I ALMOST had him, but then he pulled out his Dragonite and swept my team after getting a Dragon Dance up while I switched into my Fairy type and wrecked everything I had left.
Guy 2: Don't feel bad dude, it's fucking Dragonite. Son of a bitch has been OP since Gen V.
Guy 1: Ugh, why the hell doesn't smogon just ban the damn thing?
Guy 2: For real. It's too easy to sweep with and there aren't that many good counters or checks against it. It's just a pain in the ass.
by FatherofGray February 07, 2014
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In the game: A really good pokemon that can learn a wide variety of attacks with good stats all-around, especially attack.

In the anime: A really shitty pokemon that lost to a yellow piece of shit called pikachu.
What!?!?! pikachu actually defeated a dragonite but couldn't win against an elekid? That's bullshit!!!!
by *#.. May 09, 2007
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Dragonite, The evolved form of Dragonair. Dragonair evolves into Dragonite at Level 55, so if you wan't a Dragonite, be able and ready to train you're Dratini/Dragonair. It is a very cool pokemon because it can learn many diffrent moves.
Dragonite is a dragon and flying types pokemon
by sonicbro789 November 23, 2010
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Dragonite, this pokemon is the pre-evolution of Dragonair, unfortunatley, to own this bad-boy, you have to capture a Dratini and train up a shit-load of levels till you get the almighty Dragonite. Do watch out for its Hyper Beam move, as it will fuck you up royal.
Your Dragonair just evolved to a Dragonite!

Gamer : Shit yeah! Get out of my way niggers or I will Hyper Beam yo ass!
by Legs You Legend October 29, 2009
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Infinite powa!!!!! Kicks ass for no reason what so ever. in the show took ash three pokemon to beat one, and then like a thousand others in an other episode
Trainer: Dragonite attack Mars aliens
Dragonite: Hyper beam Boom boom doom
Mars: Aww shit-_-
by Kid Sun Dance February 18, 2011
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usually evolves at level 55. but some retard got it at level 50,no idea why. also isnt a water type
yo how is that dragonite in a water egg group but isnt a water type? idk man gamefreak did that
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by Kamoon July 11, 2018
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The best Pokémon, he is really cute and super badass at the same time!

Lance has lots of dragonites!

It is a Dragon and flying type Pokémon that is very weak to ice type moves but can learn fire type moves to beat them!
Dragonite is famous for using hyper beam!
Dragonite used hyper beam on the wild pigeot, pigeot fainted!
It’s dragonite Bitch!
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by AnalobliterationGod! July 07, 2019
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