If you're a male, while receiving oral sex, just as you're about to ejaculate, you scream, "Gyarados. Use Hyper Beam!" Then you ejaculate on her face. If she starts complaining, say, "Gyarados must recharge".
Lewis was in a jocular mood, so he Hyper beamed his girlfriend after getting head.
by itsthedalton May 29, 2011
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A kickass move on Pokemon.However, it's only really useful if you don't play online.
Arrghhh, I hate Gyarados and his Hyper Beam.
by o123 March 30, 2008
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most feared move in MVC2, especially Air Hyper Viper Beam, is infinite move and can be done 5 times in a row(max meter for Marvel Vs Capcom 2). beam move has priority over all other projectiles including the worthless hadoken's to cyclops optic blast and IceMan's ice beam.
Cable's deadliest move.
hyper viper beam
by fannakaf March 18, 2010
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A move on Marvel vs. Capcom 2 that n00bs use all the time when playing as Cable.
Hyper Viper Beam! Hyper Viper Beam! Hyper Viper Beam! Hyper Viper Beam! *gets hadokened to death*
by dj gs68 September 17, 2003
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