A fictional superhero from Alan Moore's comic Watchmen who is completely blue. He is uneffected by natural laws such as gravity, and has blue man junk with which he has banged many women such as the Silk Spectre ( a fellow crime fighter). He also prefers to go around stark naked.
If you really need an example, go to a Borders or something and ask for a worthwhile comic. (Apparently I have to write "Dr. Manhattan" for this to work. So here)
by Blasian94 November 8, 2010
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Verb - The act of painting one's penis blue, and slapping it against something to leave a blue mark, as a prank.

A dildo or other phalic shaped object is also acceptable to use, but a real penis is preferred.

Derived from the Watchmen comic/film character who was blue and naked.
Once at a party, Night Owl was so piss drunk he stumbled around Dr. Manhattaning shit. It was hilarious!
by madseason December 29, 2012
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"A nickname for a large penis."

This relates to the enormous, digital blue dong seen on Dr. Manhattan in the movie, "Watchmen."
That guy pulled down his pants and he has a Dr. Manhattan.
by NumberOneComputerGeek1978 July 27, 2009
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In Short: The really muscular naked blue guy from Watchmen

In Long: A normal man, exposed to radiation by accident one day at work at an army base. His body was torn apart, literally. But he was able to rebuild himself piece by piece. He is America's greatest weapon because he has a high level of radiation surrounding him, and can disintegrate his enemies on contact. He wore clothes twice in the movie "Watchmen". All the other times, he was naked, and nobody seemed to mind, or even notice. Just see the movie, it explains alot of stuff.
Dr Manhattan: "The existence of human life is a highly overrated phenomenon"
by Cartmaniac July 25, 2009
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The act of taking a hot shower on a cold day, walking outside(still wet with hot water), and rewarded with steam rising from your cock/body.
Dude, I just totally Dr. Manhattan'd today.

"I'm bored" "Bro, fuckin Dr. Manhattan it up"

Dr. Manhattan'ing makes my cock look great!
by @brandonlea February 6, 2011
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Another term for "blue balls."

When a man is naked and teased but does not achieve sexual release.
Man, my girlfriend was so hot last night, but then her parents came home and I was left with a serious case of Dr. Manhattan.
by SDMF_TrueBlue March 22, 2009
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When one man is getting it on - sexual or romantic contact of some kind - with a woman and his twin brother, similar-looking sibling, or other well-known look-alike joins in the encounter, unannounced, and unacknowledged by either party.

(like Dr. Manhattan clones himself and performs sexually with Laurie in "Watchmen")

This can also apply, though less often, when two twin females perform the same act. The common term for this is "AWESOME."
Brad was totally hooking up with Lisa, when his brother Jeff walked in and they gave her the Dr. Manhattan!

Also as a verb:

Jim and Bill completely Dr. Manhattaned Jim's girlfriend last weekend, and she LOVED it!
by DrMoon March 2, 2010
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