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1. A person of very low wits


2. A person who looks incredibly dumb


3. A combination of both 1 and 2
"Why did Bob climb in the bailer? God damn he is a downtard!"

"Did you see Elliot drop his lunch tray today? I swear, I have never seen a bigger downtard."
by Gary October 06, 2004
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The name commonly given to ones friends/mates who proudly display the Qualities found in unfortunate souls who suffer from "down Syndrome" & their "Mentally Retarded" counterparts.

This term in no way insults the individuals who genuinely suffer from these conditions but is however generally directed at those who have no excuse for their lack in co-ordination & mental abilities.

Likely candidates for wearing this name can be discovered by observing ones friends/mates & watching/waiting until an opportunity presents itself.

These opportunities may be found on the sporting field, in the academic arena, walking down the street, or even when simply eating a meal.

A "downtarding" event is not easily missed as it is usually followed by fits of laughter directed at the offender or the feeling of wanting to injure the prospective "downtard".

If you are wishing to brand one of your friends/mates & are unable to find any solid basis for the naming of a "downtard", A temporary branding can be authorised even tho sufficient evidence cannot be supplied. This will give u a sense of achievement during your hunting, & will likely cause ur friend to contemplate lifes most haunting question... "am I a downtard?"
Example not required, Downtards don't hide themselves u'll know.
Follow your instincts...
by J... February 28, 2006
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the opposite of uptard. if something is being downtarded it means that the conversation has moved from nonsensical babbling to a more refined mumbling of sorts.
Bryan: I once peed myself
Andrew: Shakespeare once wrote a sonnet about urination. He called it the divine tragedy of the man who could not tinkle.
Jon: Phew, way to downtard that to a higher level of thinking for that could of gone in a much worse direction.
by the keefe September 22, 2004
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