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A metropolitan area in southeast lower Michigan consisting of working class suburbs that are located ' down the river ' from the city of Detroit. Population consists of middle to below income households of all races, but mostly white with a predominant Muslim community in Dearborn. Some of the early housing in the Downriver communities were quickly and cheaply built to house the influx of southerners who moved there to work in the once thriving auto industry of Detroit. Because of this Michigan is sometimes referred to as "The Mississippi of the North". For the record there is nobody famous 'from Detroit'. Bob Seger, Kid Rock, Eminem, ICP , Madonna and Alice Cooper are not from Detroit, but the SUBURBS that surround it. Crap floats right..and always downriver! *the 'burbs North of Detroit are always a lil' uppity because of that *
Kids who are trying too hard to have street cred will say they are from Detroit rather then admit they live Downriver.
by Yankeee June 15, 2007
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Downriver is an area that's essentially a dingleberry hanging off the ass of Detroit. To break it down by city, River Rouge is basically detroit. Ecorse is also basically like Detroit, but with less burned downed houses. Melvindale is a tri-fecta of trashy white people, Arabs spilling over from Dearborn, and Mexicans on the come-up from Detroit. Dearborn can be broken down into two parts: East Dearborn is essentially ISIS, and West Dearborn is a little nicer, but still ISIS. Dearborn Heights is a combination of Dearborn and Taylor. Taylor is full of super trashy white people, rednecks, whiggers, and promiscuous young teenagers, the girls there are known as "Taylor Girls" meaning trashy white ho. Inkster is ghetto. Romulus is ghetto farmland. Lincoln Park is shitty and is filled with wannabe thugs and Mexican families. Allen Park is decent, but is slowly being bufu'd by all the surrounding cities, which are the latter. Wyandotte has an artsy fartsy downtown, but too many thug wannabe's from Lincoln Park have spilled over there, putting it on the decline. Southgate is decent but not great. Riverview is "meh." Woodhaven is a decent place to live, a lot of white people, but some arabs have fanagled their way in there. Trenton has a lot of old and slowly dying white people and a lot of young douche bags. Grosse Ile is 90% wannabe rich people and 10% actual rich people. So to sum it up, downriver is a crappy suburb south of Detroit filled with blue-collar workers who can't get out.
Nobody wants to live Downriver.
by Monkeybuttlover45 January 09, 2017
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An area south of Detroit, categorized by goth kids, obese people and collar poppers. These kids get beat up when they go out into the rest of the world. The only kids who survive are the ones who are on myspace.
"Yo, that beatdown was Downriver as fuck."
by Jon Matle April 02, 2006
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Downriver consists of cities in the Detroit metropolitan area. There is Romulus, Taylor, Dearborn, Dearborn Heights, Riverview, River Rouge, Wyandotte, Woodhaven, Southgate, Gibralter, Flat Rock. And basically the cities are this, Romulus: is either filled with neighborhoods of black people or White Cloud. Taylor is "taylortucky" and the rest are alright i guess.
I live in taylor tucky which is Downriver
by mlshoee December 31, 2009
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Is when you go down on a girl, while she's on her period.
Dude, theres something red on your top lip. "Oh, shit i must of went "Downriver" on her."

I decided to go "Downriver" on her. And Shitted all over it...

by fearbeforfear April 03, 2008
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