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The school where everyone thinks they are the shit. The girls are plastic barbies who are orange in the middle of winter and are way too thin to support themselves for too long. The girls walk around like models when newsflash: they are far from it. If the East Girls aren't randomly hooking up/banging strangers, they are either taking slutty pics of themselves or doing drugs to keep up with the guys. The guys are all just ugly. Downingtown West, East's rival, has the hot guys while East has the 'hot' girls. The guys are either doing drugs or dealing drugs. The guys at East act like they are the Abercrombie underwear models and not only think they own the school, but they think every girl wants to be with them AND they think they own the world. About 98% of Downingtown East is either an alcoholic and/or a druggie. Most of that 98% of students are also sluts and/or whores. For those 2% of students who are attempting to stay normal, congrats to you and good luck surviving in hell...i mean Downingtown East.
Downingtown East's mascot is the cougar. A Cougar is also now known as an older woman, usually around the age of 50?, who sleeps with boys, usually around the age of 19-30?.
I believe teachers from previous years have taught us that this is called foreshadowing.
by Vigilant December 26, 2008
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the "richer" of two schools in the downingtown area school district. stereotypically the polo-wearing mercedes/bmw driving stuck up snobs of the downingtown area, some of these kids actually act this way, they hate their rival school Downingtown West, the original Downingtown school.

also, Downingtown East students fight over sports, when in actuallity the "shared" football statium sits upon West's Campus.
East kid: hey i go to downingtown east you little poor piece of trash
West Kid: So what?
East Kid: we are so much better than you in all sports
West Kid: who has the statium?
East kid: we...we both do
West kid: yeah right, i can walk to it can you?
by xVitox January 07, 2007
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