The guy who bangs the hottest girl in school. Often can be found playing hockey or cruising in a subaru.
A: Whose that kid in the subaru
B: Yo thats Byers
A: Isn't he banging ASuth/ (Insert hottest girl at your school)?
B: Yea dude, It's Byers.
by BXXXV February 01, 2009
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The guy at your school who is really hot and plays hockey. He has a athletic build and above average cock size.
Do you know by chance who that guy is over there talking to those girls?
Oh that's Byers, he's soooo hot I would do anything to get with him!!
by LivinlyfeindaAK May 17, 2011
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the most badass muthafucka around. has a tendency to fuck shit up and send it. has the ability to not give a flying fuck about those bull shit high school drama fuckers. also blond/famer
person: hey byers
byers: fuck off
by byersbbyers May 23, 2018
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Basically the opposite of a boner. It is usually caused by a severely repulsive person or act that makes a male feel as though his penis is going inside of itself in fear and/or disgust.
"JB just deep throated a banana...gave me a raging byers!" or "Gross a muffin top, I just popped a byers!"
by VARoxtar October 21, 2009
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A famous and commonly used 'welshism' or welsh slang native to the coutry of Wales. 'Byer' pronounced "bye-uh" meaning 'by here'. Suggesting that the contextual subject of the conversation is within the immediate vicinity of the person who says this word. Usually accompanied by a gesture indicatIng the location of said object. This term is frequently subject to scrutiny by the logical and literate english speaker; hilighting an answer of 'by here' ergo 'near here' as counterproductive and meaningless, therefore a waste of time to a those involved in this question of geography. But to the average Welshman a simplified means of pleasant conversation.
Oi, Dave. Where's my pint?

Byer John
by TheWelshman July 10, 2012
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a person who defies ones father
child: "hes taking the piss outta me dad!!"
man: "he's such a byers!!"
by david hooper August 29, 2006
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A sweet, kind, and considerate person who is fiercely devoted to their loved ones. Will Byers is an artist, craftsman, healer, warrior, and wizard. He is steadfastly courageous even under fire, and uses his keen intelligence and resourcefulness for the greater good.
A: "He is such a Will Byers!"
B:"What do you mean by that?"
A:"You know, like the shamelessly underrated character who was hiding from the Demogorgon in Season 1 of Stranger Things and was possessed by the Mind Flayer in Season 2? "
B:"Oh yeah, the coconut head guy!"
A: *facepalms*
by Elowyn Huxley-Thomas Forrester February 22, 2018
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