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A lovely retort when someone is acting like a douchebag and a complete idiot - i.e. boob/tit. A very convenient word, and should be included in many college students' vocabularies. It gets to the point, and leaves people shocked as to how to respond.
Zach: Dude, you're such a douchetit.

Bill: *Silence, and embarrassment as he runs out of the room crying like the bitch that he is*

by The All-Seeing Eye April 19, 2007
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A term, devired from the words douche or douchebag and tit, that is employed, wether in jest or complete and utter seriousness, to refer to a person of lower intelligence or general stupidity and/or someone who invokes such a name upon themselves by their offensively idiotic behavior and acts of douchebaggery. When mentioned, this person generally brings to mind the personifications of a boob and/or douchebag.
John: My Roommate got really drunk last night and puked all over my bed and then took a crap on my physics book!
Dan: What a douche-tit!
by dbindschedler June 10, 2006
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An idiot, moron... Used as a humorous insult while trying to degrade someone. (Similar to douche-bag, but funnier, and more degrading.)
The guy that dropped that deuce and didn't clean up the shit spays is such a douche-tit, damn i hate him!

Look at this scrub ass douche-tit over here, acting like he's got game with these nasty chicks!

What a douche-tit!
by Michael Antkowiak December 11, 2005
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