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A douchebag who also happens to be a closet homosexual. See fratboy.
Brody: Bro, I went to this frat party last night and got SO FUCKED UP BRO. My ass hurts too for some reason but it was fun bro, you should have been there bro.

Tom: Did you know you're a douchefag?
by slamthevagina March 23, 2011
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Used to describe those who have gone beyond being a Douche(bag), and/or a Faggot. They exercise many tendencies that are to be made fun of, and rarely have witty if good come backs.

Pronounced; Dhey-shh-fag
God you suck so much. You are such a douchefag.
by The Neutrachrist October 29, 2005
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douche-fag: a cross between a fag and a douchebag. someone who is somewhat of a prick, not easy to get along with. irrational and likes to have sex with other men.
ryan: I went to the mall, and I aw this cute guy and he was with your bitch sister. I wish he was with me instead because I'm sexy.
al: you're such a douchefag
by alex middleton December 04, 2006
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a very gay individual who enjoys making everyone around him very annoyed, some have even considered suicide after speaking to him.. they have been known to offer condoms and free drinks to people in exchange for rides home and friendship. they are known to be seen in the locker room of the current sport they are playing crying in the corner because no one likes them. they generally parasitically attach themselves to anyone who makes eye contact with them. absolutly no one likes this cum gurgling, turtle sodomizing, cock gobbling, queef inhaling, twat waffling, used tampon eating, semen demon
boy 1: i think im going to go kill myself.

boy 2: why?

boy 1: cody triece just talked to me for two minutes straight.

boy 2: that douchefag
by the girls he raped @ school February 22, 2010
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A gay douchebag. A gay man with all of the telltale, annoying behavior of an asshole.
I don't want to roll up blaring Lady Gaga. Makes me seem like a total douchefag.
by TheCanadaHouse July 24, 2010
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A combination of a fag and a douche bag, originating in lakewood ohio, as a direct result of stupid acts carried out by its fine, upstanding citizens.
One who exhibits many assholian charachteristics, such as being both a cock- block and a 3 beer queer
by EGMONEY June 26, 2005
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