A douchebag who also happens to be a closet homosexual. See fratboy.
Brody: Bro, I went to this frat party last night and got SO FUCKED UP BRO. My ass hurts too for some reason but it was fun bro, you should have been there bro.

Tom: Did you know you're a douchefag?
by slamthevagina March 23, 2011
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Used to describe those who have gone beyond being a Douche(bag), and/or a Faggot. They exercise many tendencies that are to be made fun of, and rarely have witty if good come backs.

Pronounced; Dhey-shh-fag
God you suck so much. You are such a douchefag.
by The Neutrachrist October 29, 2005
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A person who is a huge jerk and is homosexual at the same time.
Justin: Hey man will you stop flirting with my girlfriend?
Dante: No fucker, it doesn't even mean anything because she knows I'm with Kyle..
Scott: Wow Dante, you are a douchefag!
by Chris.T. January 10, 2009
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A person that exhibits the qualities of both a Douchbag/Docher and a queer/fag simultaneously!!!
Wow, that pussbag, wannabe emo just tried to fight me...What a douchefag!
by wood9412 February 13, 2009
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Someone who is a douchebag, and also homosexual at the same time.
Coolguy: Hey man, have you got the time?

Ash: Let me look at my gay-beastial porn in peace, u little cunt!!

Coolguy: :| what a douchefag
by Gazzmanian-Devil April 20, 2009
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Not to be associated with douchebag, which it has no resemblence to; douchefag is a means of insulting someone who is isn't fast enough to react or is unknowing of the situation.
Erik: Think fast douchefag!
Cortney Love: Ahhhhhhh
Erik punches her in her dumbass face.
by tha bruce March 31, 2008
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A homosexual man who for some reason thinks he's cool and is just like a douchebag (hence the term douchefag) but is attracted to men. All of his friends are slutty, desperate whores who give it up to anyone who will have them.
A douchefag defends his slutty female friends in all situations, even though she's probably majorly desperate and pathetic.
by kjsdklfaj March 19, 2010
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