when some one is either talking some bullshit, or talking out their ass, or acting like a douche bag. completely replaces the term 'tou che" by subtley adding the "dou" from "douche'.
guy 1- i think cannibus is a better rapper than eminiem
guy 2- nah dude listem to em's flow in "dead wrong"
guy 1- "dou che"
by seanandtom January 10, 2009
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Douche with the added apastrophe e ('e) to make it a sound like touch'e often used in an argument when one person has defeated the other with a quick jab of wit
Dewd: hahahha, ur gay
Dude: your MOM'S gay!
Dewd: (admitting defeat) douch'e
by Rorudo August 26, 2007
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An accusation or witty point made by a douchebag. A way to recognize the wit and barb of a statement, while simultaneously insulting the speaker. Prounounced doo-shay.
To that I can only say douche' .
by J Bo January 23, 2007
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The typical Toyota Prius driver. Believes that he or she is saving the environment (the batteries contain nickel and other harmful chemicals) or is considered fashionable by driving a Prius when in fact he or she is the second douchiest driver on the road (second to BMW drivers) by accelerating rapidly (thus canceling out fuel savings) and cutting people off and flipping them the bird right afterward.
Look at that douche in the Prius thinking he is saving the environment!
by joetheplumber666 April 04, 2011
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A) A person who is a complete ignorant dick who thinks that they cannot be wrong.

B)A person that talks too much shit and can't back it up.

C)Someone who is a unnecessary tough-guy all the time.
ex) Mike: Tom, stop talking so much shit all the time.
Tom: Whatever dude its how I roll.
Mike: Douche.

ex) John M.
by Mike Markey February 26, 2008
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Acknowledging a person's comeback while adding that they are a douche.

(Combination of Douche and Touché.)
Person 1: Hey! I got a B+ on my exam!

Person 2: Dude, I got an A.

Person 1: Douché...
by Zoltarr777 November 09, 2010
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The response to someone when they state an obvious correction but, they state it in a pompous manner.
Tom: Dude she never even called me back after our date.
Carl: Thats because your hung like a hamster.
Tom: Douche'
by oneshallrise November 23, 2010
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