To get gang banged by two men, the same thing as gang bang but only uses two men/or/ or boys
The girl was going to meet up with a boy, but he ended up bringing someone else so basically she was going to get double teamed.
by CraCra1 August 31, 2015
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Double Teamed; Getting your ass kicked by two people.
I was holding my own in that fight until the guy's buddy decided to join in. They really double teamed me good.
by Nate 57 October 27, 2013
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In slang, double-teaming means to have sex in a threesome, usually one woman and two men. This can include double penetration, but this is not a must.
My buddy and I totally double-teamed that nympho-girl we met in Florida on New Years Eve.
by Hamburger Jung January 8, 2008
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to attack or defend against with twice the usual force
They tried to double team the crook and knocked him down when they succeeded.
by The Return of Light Joker June 10, 2008
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The act whereby two (2) dudes initiate sex acts upon one (1) woman. The "dudes" may take
turns, or penetrate simentaniously via the mouth, anus or vagina. This act will continue
until both the males are satisfied through ejaculation (skeet method). Afterwards, the
dudes show pride and appreciation of their accomplishment by participating in a quick "high-five". In some cases, the girl may feel high levels of shame after a "double-team".
Dave and Fred tag team Alisha. They will take turns penetrating any hole fo choice (girl usually prefers vagina, but guys can usually override this by offering cocaine or other substances or promises). Or they may persue simentaneous action by penetrating her at the same time via seperate holes.
by B-Monee August 23, 2005
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the working over of a female by two guys at the same time. a more specific word for threesome.
cody and i double teamed barbie last night.
by bob January 7, 2004
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When two dominant guys fuck one guy in different holes (mouth, anus) at the same time. One gets sucked off while the other fucks.
Person A:Josh and Patrick got together to double team Brandon this weekend!
Person B:Whatever, I don't see how one guy could enjoy a cock in every hole.
Person A:Who knows.
Person B: Who cares.
by coopdogg December 1, 2007
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