Two middle fingers given at once.
"Yu the b-tch over there? I don't like her. She shot double birds at me yesterday for no reason."
by piiglett. June 15, 2009
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Flipping somebody off with both of your middle fingers.
"He pissed me off, so I flipped him the double bird."
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When having intercourse with a female, doggie style, the male flaps his arms, caws vigorously in a bird-like fashion, proceeds to break hand flap and deliver single hand strike to right buttock, followed by equivocal strike to left buttock. Upon completion, male disengages, announcing "DOUBLE BIRD STRIKE!" Shortly thereafter, male climaxes upon the female's posterior, exclaiming "SPLASH DOWN."
"Dude, I double bird struck the shit out of that chick..."

Double Bird Strike
by doublebirdstrike1 January 24, 2009
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Starting with 2 fists palms down, extend both middle fingers and rotate both fists inward until palms are facing upward. End with a snappy, short, punching motion. Usually performed best after having slammed your bedroom door in your parents’ faces.
When Mom said I couldn’t go to Gina’s house because her perv brother wants to get in my pants, she got the rotating double bird. I’m a slut, Mom! Deal with it!
by Littlelester March 27, 2019
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Aviation term for when a bird flies into two engines of a jet plane, or else, when two birds fly into one engine.
Passengers landed safely on the Hudson on January 15, 2009, despite the fact that there was a double bird strike on the airplane
by Judge Learned Hand January 16, 2009
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The act of giving somone "the finger" by extending your middle and ring finger of either/both hands in rage. Gives the appearance that you have two middle fingers on the same hand.

Extending the middle finger on each hand as to give someone the finger with both hands.

Often called Flipping the Nixon (telated to Nixon flipping the peace sign overseas which is the same as flipping someone off, also because the formation almost appears to look like your flipping a peace sign).
Damn, she nearly ran me off the road. I gave that bitch the double bird salute.
by Shad Biars March 13, 2006
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When a man ejaculates inside of a women without warning. He then sucks the jizz out of her, and drops it into her mouth.

Often abbreviate as DDMB
Ryan: Hey Bryan guess what I did to my sister last night
Bryan: Wait... You didn't...
Ryan: Yes I did. I hit her with the Double Dip Mama Bird.
Bryan: No way! You're the coolest dad ever!
by Issa Knife Issa Issa Knife March 24, 2020
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