The sexual act of a girl desperately trying to get pregnant but her lover will only let her give him a blow job. Once he has left the room she attempts to impregnate herself by “Mama Birding” his cum (throwing-up) into her own underwear.
She was so desperate that after the blow job she tried to "Mama Bird" his cum into her panties.
by Veritas Caput March 31, 2010
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After downing a 6'er of Black&Tan in short order last night, I Mama Birded the porcelain hatchling.
by N8MAN1068 July 11, 2008
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A sexual act which is preformed by the woman. After the man cums into the her mouth, the man will get on his knees as the girl stands up and proceed to gag the sperm like a mama bird into the man's (the baby bird's) mouth
Boy: Aw dude i let my girlfriend mama bird me last night and... i actually kind of enjoyed it...
friend: Dude that's fucking disgusting man, ain't my cum goin in anybody's mouth but my girl's.
by flaimora April 13, 2016
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When you are so wasted and making out with someone that you throw up in their mouth, much like a mother bird to her young.
Dude, I had like 8 shots of Jaeger and was making out with this girl. I was so wasted that I puked in her mouth. I totally gave that chick The Mama Bird.
by Cincy Dan August 15, 2008
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Chewing up food then spitting it back up on a passed out friend
We were mama-birding Cory with the brownies he made last weekend
by Richdawg85 February 6, 2015
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When you hold the joint up to your friends mouth for them to smoke
“Yo, my homie, home dog, homeslicecicle Mama-birding me dat joint yesterday.”
“Is that when they hold the bunt for you?”
“Yeah it got me feeling homosexual”
by Ratbabie November 26, 2022
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1. The act of chewing up food and spitting it into another's mouth. This is commonly done for those who lack salivary glands, therefore they would have some difficulty chewing up dryer foods such as bread, pancakes, or cupcakes.

2. A sexual act in which a male partner defecates into the mouth of the other partner, then proceeds to masturbate onto the feces. The first partner chews up the feces and cum into a mush. The partner then drops the mixture from their mouth into the other partner's mouth, just as a mama bird would do to feed her young.
1. Dan doesn't have any saliva, so Sarah had to mama bird him that cupcake.

2. Roger loves shit so he wanted Randy to give him a good old mama bird.
by sumo545 July 7, 2009
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