When someone pays a lot of attention to their boyfriend/girlfriend, cares for them, is kinda clingy towards them, and just in general loves them a lot.
Tim is definitely doting on Katelynn.
by Not-so-tiny-tim July 14, 2010
Not coming through with the homies
When 5 homies go to the mall and 4 guys copped team sweatpants, the last person is doting
by AYJamal January 28, 2015
To love someone excessively,especially your children.
The whole family would constantly dote on the new baby.
by SomeoneNew August 22, 2012
To be overly affectionate for, to love excessively.
"Sing, siren, for thyself, snd I shall dote." Billy Shakespeare
by I'm Nolan June 29, 2005
A poison, can be countered with an antidote.
A dote is not pleasant, if swallowed, induce vomiting.
by Bender Bending Rodriguez September 12, 2005
Marked by or showing distinctive characteristics of a Dote.
That advance-lunge riposte reeked of Doteness.
by Don Saltena April 6, 2006
Adjective used in Glasgow/ Central Scotland area. Basically means clueless/stupid.

With local dialect, sounds like "doe-ti(t)"
"Cant get any sense out of him, doted idiot"
by my name doesnt matter! October 27, 2007