When someones being a complete dumbass. mostly used in New Jersey.
"hey when's the 4th of july?" jae said

"ugh you're so dorsal" oli replied
by prettyfishie December 22, 2020
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i) a gesture which infers placing four fingers in a vertical position into a womans flange gasket slash vagedogs. resembling a dorsal fin
ii) when one places the aforementioned four finger pose ontop of an open palm and declares "thats dorsal" hereby proclaiming the subject slash event is of high quality.
i)did you get your dorsal out on saturday dogs?

ii)NG: what do you think of that howie d
SH: (dorsal gesture) thats dorsal
by howie d September 28, 2006
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A person who lacks the common sense to participate in any civilized conversation whatsoever but their failure to do so is tremendously hilarious. This is the person that is involved in your group for the sole purpose to get made fun of on a regular basis.

Horniest person in your group

Completely brain dead individual

Sassy to the point of hilarity

To be honest this person is just so stupid that he/she thinks that dorsal fin could possibly be an insult. I mean seriously, dolphins are one of the smartest animals that we know of today. How could anything remotely involving a dolphin be an insult?
Paris Hilton is such a Dorsal Fin.
by Sasquatch1987 September 13, 2009
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A parasite that resembles a fetus that attachs itself to the back of the victim and uses a fleshy tube to siphon nutrients to itself.
"Man, that poor man has a huge dorsal fetus."

"Rachel had a dorsal fetus on her back, so i decided we wouldn't have sex."
by emilyann691 October 22, 2010
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The act of putting multiple strap ons on your back, lying down, and having multiple people ride said strap ons, whilst vigorously doing the worm.
Mickey and some of his friends are trying the dorsal fin tonight.
by Alpha Wolf 13th Brigade May 12, 2013
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The boobs created on the back of a fat woman when the back of the bra encases the fat of the back. Therein creating dorsal tits.
"Check out the fat slabs on the back of that chick!"
"They be dorsal tits!"
by Strakes May 4, 2008
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The fin on the back (dorsal) side of an aquatic animal such as a fish, dolphin, or shark.
The dorsal fin on that shark is hook shaped
by mimi June 13, 2003
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