A man who is homosexual in the highest possible regard. The thought of the opposite sex sickens such an individual. Generally, they spend all their time humping guys. Also bears some bad-hygiene connotations.
You know that rank smelling guy that stands in the locker room and watches guys shower? He's a real Dorr.
by Lauren February 5, 2004
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When one who is not relevant to a humorous conversation between two or more people involved themselves and subsequently kills said joke and all fond memories of it
by Wizards Sleeve February 24, 2016
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A bad typo of the word "sorry" when used while instant messaging, said when a person returns after they had briefly left or brb'd
Screename 1: Hello
Screename 2: Wuddup
Screename 1: Brb
Screename 1: Dorr!
Screename 2: Its okay, whered u go?
by Leo Clifford August 1, 2009
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The absolute state of divine awesomeness that is the only stage of enlightenment beyond what Buddha was able to achieve while meditating under a tree.
Wow, this Kibbeh might be the best food I have ever eaten.. oh god.. yes.. wait for it.. this flavor is Dorres! I didn't think it was possible!
by fingerzzz February 3, 2010
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Pete Dorr is a Youtuber with a large gaming channel. He isn't like most gamers, in which he collects for ALL systems and doesn't restrict himself to current generation systems just because of graphics. He has over 58,000 subscribers. He enjoys a variety of genres from rpgs to platformers, and so on. Contrary to popular belief, he doesn't deal drugs to pay for the large amounts of games he purchases.
Damn, Pete Dorr just bought another 50 Xbox 360 games.
by YellowLemonFish September 29, 2011
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Mitch Dorr refers to an asshole who is so full of themselves they think everyone has to respect them. They love sticking their big metaphorical dicks in unsuspecting persons assholes to assert their dominance. You cannot tell a Mitch Dorr they are wrong, otherwise they'll give you detention
He is such a Mitch Dorr, I got detention for saying his ketchup tastes like absolute shit
by SincereUniform August 9, 2018
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The best person in the world no one will ever as good as them they will crush you in a fight and beat you in pool they look super handsome and smart
Garrett Dorr is My Friend
by gary dorr October 28, 2019
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