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A video game company that has no originality or creativity that steals ideas from other video game companies and sell it as their own "game".

Modern Combat = Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
N.O.V.A. = Halo
Guitar Rock = Guitar Hero
Starfront = Starcraft
Shadow Guardian = Uncharted
Person 1:
"Hey is that Call of Duty on your iPhone?"

Person 2:
"No it's rip off called Modern Combat from Gameloft you retard, gosh!"
by YellowLemonFish August 24, 2011

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Pete Dorr is a Youtuber with a large gaming channel. He isn't like most gamers, in which he collects for ALL systems and doesn't restrict himself to current generation systems just because of graphics. He has over 58,000 subscribers. He enjoys a variety of genres from rpgs to platformers, and so on. Contrary to popular belief, he doesn't deal drugs to pay for the large amounts of games he purchases.
Damn, Pete Dorr just bought another 50 Xbox 360 games.
by YellowLemonFish September 29, 2011

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A virus that began around 2007 that is spreading among the video game industry, requiring customers to activate a one time pass that is included with new copies. These typically cost about $10. Companies like Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment, Ubisoft, Sony and Electronic Arts are exploiting this to the fullest extent. There is no justified reason for this. EA would respond by saying "We don't make profit off of used game sales and we're trying to capitalize on it". If I could buy a used copy of a game in 2000 and have the same features as a new copy, then why isn't it the same now? Well how about people that can't afford new copies? People who rent games get screwed over to. I am still purchasing your product and enjoying it the same amount I would if I purchased it new. The only difference is I save a few dollars but get a butt ugly case and a scratched disc. They're making a bad name for the video game industry and bringing it to the ground. They're just money hungry bastards that don't care about their customers.
I bought Dead Space 2 and I wanted to play online but I can't because I bought it used and now I have to pay for a overpriced Online Pass. Screw you EA! You have enough money!
by YellowLemonFish October 13, 2011

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When one rushes a definition to either to be the first person to define it or to get the most thumbs up.
The person who defined this definition did a definition rush
by YellowLemonFish October 01, 2011

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