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A thoughtless beast doomed to walk through life always imitating and never originating, the Dorney, incapable of original thought will assert to take parts of pop-culture slogans and Maxim Magazine articles in attempts to create a faux persona which attracts any and all kinds of attention. The Dorney is an attention whore by nature and cannot stand to be in the background of any situation. In group settings the Dorney will appear to dominate as the alpha male, but when asked to partake in profound conversation it will spout out loud nonsensical ramblings until it eventually moves on and normalcy can resume. In interpersonal situations the Dorney will seek out any opportunities to take advantage of unsuspecting individuals, scouting various traits that belong to the individual and opportunities which are available to them and attempt to emulate various traits while hijacking any opportunities the Dorney can see of use to it. While arguing the Dorney will get louder and louder while repeating the same phrases as it asserts that it is correct and everyone else is wrong.

Generally speaking, the Dorney is not a pleasant creature.
That guy just cut me off and called ME an asshole! What a Dorney!
by florenceofalabia March 08, 2011
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