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A Persian name meaning "crane" (a beautiful but presently endangered species of bird), usually belonging to a girl who is the diametric opposite of a "basic bitch."

Like the mythical bird, Dornas are a rare breed of awesome, as they are majestic, badass motherfuckers who are unstoppable. They are often unrivalled in intelligence, wit, and beauty, in addition to possessing a sense of existential awareness that is off the charts. If you befriend a Dorna, prepare to never be bored and to embark on a multitude of dope-ass adventures.
Martha: Damn, that girl knows where it's at!

Greg: No duh, that's a Dorna you just spoke to!
by NightOwl4Lyfe August 05, 2014
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A female weirdo doing whatever it takes for a quick buck, most commonly used sequence of words used by a Dorna is. "Don't Touch Meeeee"
Stop being a Dorna.
Did you see that Dorna on the dance floor.
Shes like a Door Nob, everyone gets a turn.
Horny Dorney
by Buck Jacey December 03, 2008
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