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Paying for a bud together and splitting the price,10’s
Bro wanna go 5/5 with me
by Pdog February 17, 2018
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Tekhwira 5/5 is a phrase was said in a Moroccan movie by a Moroccan actor and it got popular because of it changing to a meme or "troll"

we use the word tekhwira 5/5 (a Moroccan commun word) when we have a situation or a trouble that has no solution probably that problem return with consequences on you
it's hard to explain because and like i said it's Moroccan word you gotta be a real Moroccan to understand it and you gotta speak "darija"
when you spent the whole time talking to girls thinking it's the one then you discover it's just your friend playing with you
you : it's tekhwira 5/5
i know the definition and the example doesn't match but it's really hard to explain so i hope you do get it

enjoy !
by o ma gad October 28, 2018
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