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"Dope Sick" is when a person is out of dope, they'll begin to experience withdrawal symptoms which makes them really ill. "Dope Sick" withdrawal symptoms include: nausea, vomiting, stomach upset, diarrhea, leg cramps restlessness, cold sweets, loss of appetite, lack of energy, lethargy, dilerium and many other signs are possible and can be present.
My boyfriend couldn't come ride with me, he's in bed "dope sick".
by Bananas21 June 10, 2018
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The experience of negative symptoms due to withdrawl from medication, typically opiates (herion, morphine, opium.) Symptoms may include nausea, headache, insomnia and restlessness. The term is not limited to opiate narcotics.
Being dopesick, the only time I've slept in the past few days, is when my body reaches the point of physical exhaustion. Weee!
by nocturnal October 29, 2006
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In a state of withdrawal usually refering to heroin addiction.
Please man just one fix, I'm dopesick!
by Ken November 29, 2002
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A person who is physically and mentally sick because they are coming off of heroin or just cant get any more.
Kathi was dope sick because she ran out of heroin.
by Lee February 19, 2005
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The experience of negative symptoms due to withdrawal from heroin.

These same symptoms are often experienced during withdrawal from other opioids, but someone possessing no experience with heroin ought not use the word to describe their own condition.
"...fuck man i'm dopesick, let's score some smack."
by get-a-clue March 23, 2010
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The withdrawal of hard narcotic drugs such as opiates, alkaloids, amphetamines, et cetera. Symptoms include but are not limited to: diaphoresis, hot flashes, cold spells, vomiting, diarrhea, involuntary movements, seizures, hallucinations, physical pain and suicidal thoughts.
paramedic 1: This guy just shit all over me, when I walked up to him.

junkie: (moans) Come for me Jesus!

paramedic 2: This fucker is just dope sick! Just leave him on the curb, with the rest of the shit.

paramedic 1: "The rest of the shit.", is all over me!
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic November 15, 2010
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When a person is coming down off a drug .
It doesn't have to just be heroin or crack it could also be pills too .
I was so dope sick the first few days I didn't take any drugs.
by sarabby October 07, 2008
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