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(noun): a person who is in a Dooshy Crew or is similar in traits, typically a suffix following their first name;

(adjective): someone who isn't quite an asshole, but not kind either, who is also slightly hick, enjoys chewing tobacco, wreaks havoc, steals things once in a great while, and has a great pride in their circle of friends, or "crew."
(noun):"Name" Dooshy, i.e. if John Doe was a Dooshy, he would be called John Dooshy.

(adjective): "Did you just steal my car?" "Yes..." "Your such a dooshy..."
by Meg Dooshy July 29, 2011
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Stud. If you are a female, you might want to consider falling in love with this handsome young lad. Now you may be saying "he's only the star quarterback of the football team, can bench entire freight trains, and has a cock the size of the Moon, but what makes him a bigger stud than me?" I would only be able to reply with "Ah hah! You forgot that he saves the world from the Evil Robot King Robotnik hourly AND is currently single." Damn.
"Let's go give dooshy all our money and hail him Emperor!"
"Superman? Superman isn't the cool superhero anymore. It's all about dooshy."
by A HOTT GIRL February 01, 2003
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Dooshy is a interesting word. It was made in a small town called providence. In short words, dooshy is liam. A dooshy is a razor small penis that penetrates though skin. Dooshy also has unusual obsessions with asian women. But we all love dooshy. dooshy is doooshy, and nothing will change.
dooshy shut up and use your dooshy with mugsy. (search mugsy)
by dooshy lover November 25, 2004
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