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A person (usually a millennial or generation Z and male) who has experienced apparent hardship (relationship breakup, job loss, failure etc.) and has became fully immersed in apathy, self hatred, depression and generally being a loner. Usually asleep or tired in the day and more active at the night, spending time on the internet or going on long night walks ruminating.

Often has little other hobbies, whilst listening to characteristic music including Slowcore, Eastern European Goth, 'Doomer Wave', Radiohead and the more sombre and depressing forms of Midwest Emo music.

Doomers often want a normal life, but find it hard to understand why everything goes against them and thinks long and hard about a path back to normality.
Person A: I haven't seen Tom in ages. Where is he?

Person B: He took breakup with his gf quite badly, then lost his job. He now spends all his time reading, posting sad status updates and depressing music on Facebook.

Person A: Sounds like Tom has gone full on Doomer.
by Guess 102 April 01, 2020

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A Casualty of Clearing (also known as a Clearing Casualty) is a term used in UK universities to refer to someone who is so desperate to go to university that they choose any subject through the UCAS clearing process even when their preferred option is no longer available.

These kinds of students often perform poorly in academic work and/or have little interest in the subject at hand. They eventually end up dropping out from university altogether.

Can be synonymous with a university party animal in many (but not all) cases.
Student 1: Callum was telling me that he chose to do Geology through clearing, but he doesn't seem to be enjoying it at all.

Student 2: He has only attended one lecture and apparently failed all his coursework so far. He told me he is thinking of dropping out.

Student 1: Callum must be a Casualty of Clearing.
by Guess 102 January 25, 2017

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