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Often a member of the millennial generation, currently going through a midlife crisis or just suffers from a mental illness (dysthymia, depression, PTSD, etc.)
Goes on night walks, uses the internet too much, doesn't have many hobbies and listens to Doomerwave or similar playlists.

May, or may not be a NEET.
''Ever checked out those doomer playlists? They're pretty cool''
by McAlpa October 01, 2019

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Being disturbingly good at mundane tasks, or mastering a difficult skill at a young age. This term can apply to all races tho. This term comes from the numerous videos of Asian kids performing insane feats, usually found on Facebook or Youtube.

Note that whatever is performed has to be unusual in some way, shape or form. Daft Hands, calculator covers of songs, etc.
,, Ayo, have you seen that video of some guy playing Senbonzakura on three calculators?''
,, No way, how does he do that?''
,, Asian kid energy, that's how.''
by McAlpa April 04, 2020

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