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The nice way of calling someone a doof. Someone who does not know how to open blinds or write down recipes. Basically totally clueless about life.
I'm such a Dooka!!!
by Meow moew August 12, 2010
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Dooka is an Australian slang term for a fowl, (chicken or a turkey), due to the sound they make, DOOK DOOK.
Turkey: "Dook dook, dook .."
Person: Hello dooka! Here dook dook dooka ..
by axxs May 08, 2007
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Noun- A slang word which refers to a gun.
E.g. "Put the dooka down pussy nigga put your fists up"- Tay-k in the song "Lemonade".
by Rageyjem May 21, 2018
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Another description for poop, feces, crap, or excrement. Usually spelled with fifteen "o's" however it may be abbreviated when necessary. "Dooka" is usually used as an insult, screamed as pedestrians from a passing car. Pronounced "Ndeek" or "Doka" or "Dak" or "Doooooooooooooooka". Originated from Will, who is an eternal giner pants moron.
1. Used to insult a passerby - "DEEEK" or "DAK".
2. Used to describe object residing in toilet - "DOOKA".
3. Used in close quarters as an insult against comrade - "NNNDEEACK"
by Captain Dacker November 01, 2004
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dooka is the most popular and pr0 drugz in tah world!!!111 In the last contest in Amsterdam, Smoke Drugs untile u sbok 2004 edition, dooka defeat over White Widow 100%! N.B: don't try this at home
i've sm0ked some dooka and i was st0ned for 1 day! OMFG a beautiful sensation!!!111
by federico April 03, 2004
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After you smoke weed, take a shit, and it smells like the weed you just smoked.
Gary: Mmm.. that was some good herb. Er...hold on there... I need to use the bathroom
(Gary exits room and enters bathroom)
Timmay: Boy Gary! It sure smells like dooka now!
by guster pop July 17, 2006
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