Extraordinarily attractive, used for both males or females.
He's the doogest boy I know.
by A Crunchy Cookie. September 25, 2010
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Slang for "Bloggers."

Used by bloggers to describe fellow bloggers. Inspired by "Doogie Howser" -- considered to be THE original blogger -- a television character who journaled on his computer in the pre-Internet '80s.
"I need your help my Doogs! Leave a comment on my blog and make my day!"
by Mommy Pie May 14, 2008
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To get "dooged".
Involves a promise of great inebriation only to be informed that its Good Friday (or similar) and all the pubs are shut.
"Yay we're in Dublin on a stag night, but its Good Friday so we can't drink. Guys, we've been dooged"

by hauntedchippy April 09, 2007
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verb - to spend hours being as unproductive as possible. Dooging frequently involves marijuana or alcohol, cigarettes, and adventures generally inspired by the use of these intoxicants. Though doog seems like a very general word, it does describe a specific type of time-wasting that is most common among bored college students with vehicles. Most importantly, doog implies great relaxation and an attitude of not worrying about problems caused by people who don't doog often enough.
"Hey man, class is over. Let's go doog."
by FIRE ZE MISSILES March 31, 2011
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The current effigy of the son of God, Jesus Christ, on earth.

Must be said in a sombre monotonous tone, no matter the conversation protocal or subject matter.
"W'thup? I'm 'the doog'."
by + ivan. July 20, 2006
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Being amazingly great or positive, the polar opposite of bad.
"That english lesson was doog, emma!"

"I missed the bus. Not doog."
by rhian&emma September 29, 2009
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